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Advantages of the Walkabout Pool Skimmer

Walkabout Pool SkimmerMost pool skimmers are small nets on a long pole. It could take hours to truly skim and clean your pool with these old out dated pool skimmers. With the Walkabout Pool Skimmer, you can clean and skim your pool in a fraction of the time.

How does the Walkabout Pool Skimmer do it? Our handheld skimmer covers a much larger area than traditional skimmers. To use the Walkabout Pool Skimmer, first step in the pool and place the skimmer three quarters of the way into the water. Simply grip the handheld skimmer and walk around the pool to collect debris. The Walkabout Pool Skimmer also boasts brushes on the outside, allowing you to tidy up walls and floors. You’ll find your pool will be cleaned in a shorter amount of time than if you used your old pool skimmer, and you will have even gained some exercise. When the skimmer is all full, shake off the debris away from the pool. If any gunk remains, it can be easily hosed right off. The Walkabout Pool Skimmer may be used by people of all ages and will help you clean your pool in a short time with ease.

If you want to see the Walkabout Pool Skimmer in action, watch our demo video. When you’re ready to purchase your own Walkabout Pool Skimmer, check out our pricing page.

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