The Walkabout Pool SkimmerTM will let you clean your above ground swimming pool in a short amount of time with ease. The Walkabout Pool Skimmer pricing is just $49.95.

The Walkabout Pool SkimmerTM is the latest improvement in above ground swimming pool cleaning. Handheld and easy to use, our swimming pool skimmer can be used by people of all ages. The Walkabout Pool Skimmer is 36 inches (38 with brushes) by 28 inches. Our handheld pool skimmer can be used horizontally or vertically. The pool skimmer’s brushes will also let you clean sides and the bottom of your pool.

To see how the Walkabout Pool SkimmerTM works, watch our demo video. To learn more about the Walkabout Pool Skimmer’s history, check out our About Us page. Purchase your very own Walkabout Pool Skimmer now!

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