About Walkabout Pool Skimmers

Chris Greenfield of Walkabout Pool Skimmers


Traditional swimming pool skimmers are unwieldy and take forever to clean pools. The Walkabout Pool Skimmer was created by Chris Greenfield to shorten the time spent cleaning above ground swimming pools. Starting off as a just a window screen, the Walkabout Pool Skimmer has come a long way….

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Walkabout Pool Skimmer


The Walkabout Pool Skimmer is 36 inches (38 inches with brushes) x 28 inches. It can be used both horizontally or vertically and it also has two brushes to clean sides or bottom of the pool and is made right here in the U.S.A.

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Walkabout Pool Skimmer


Currently, the Walkabout Pool Skimmer is available online for $49.95 and local pool supply shops and retail stores. So get your Walkabout today and see how fun and easy it is to clean your swimming pool!

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Walkabout Pool Skimmers Advantages

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Traditional swimming pool skimmers cannot cover the area the Walkabout Pool Skimmer can. In half the time of a more traditional skimmer, the Walkabout Pool Skimmer can clean your whole above ground pool. With this new innovative skimmer, you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool. The Walkabout Pool Skimmers are hands down the best skimmers on the market today. You can order yours right now for the cheap price of $49.95, so place your order and buy now!