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The History of the Walkabout Pool SkimmerTM

Walkabout Pool Skimmer
The Walkabout Pool SkimmerTM was created as a better alternative to commonplace above ground swimming pool skimmers. Other handheld pool skimmers are tiny, unwieldy, and make swimming pool cleaning a strenuous and time-consuming task. The Walkabout Pool Skimmer is Chris Greenfield’s solution to these unnecessary problems. Chris created his own above ground pool skimmer with an old window screen from his grandma’s house and duct tape. Friends, family, and neighbors saw the usefulness of his handheld swimming pool skimmer and wanted their own. Chris filed for a patent and with this, the Walkabout Pool Skimmer was born. Chris Greenfield and his family and friends have confidence in the quality, functionality and amazingness of the Walkabout Pool Skimmer – they know you’ll love it!

How the Walkabout Pool Skimmer Works

The Walkabout Pool SkimmerTM is very easy to use. Step into your above ground swimming pool with your Walkabout Pool Skimmer, placing the pool skimmer three-quarters of the way into the water. The skimmer should be almost floating. Simply hold on to the Walkabout Pool Skimmer’s grip and walk through the pool to capture debris. When the Walkabout Pool Skimmer is full of debris, you’ll find cleaning is a breeze. Simply shake the Walkabout Pool Skimmer away from the pool and the gunk from your swimming pool will fall right off. If not, you will only need to hose the remaining debris off. The Walkabout Pool Skimmer can easily be used by people of all ages and is a handy way of getting in a quick workout exercise, kids can make a game out of it further adding to the fun.

Need some clarification or just unsure? Hop on down to our demo page and see the Walkabout Pool Skimmer in action!

The Walkabout Pool Skimmer will make cleaning your pool fun, healthy and quick, and can be yours for just $49.95 so buy it now!